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TENS Unit for Pain Relief EMS Muscle Stimulation Machine PL-009 from truMedic

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Product Description

Experience Immediate Pain Relief from the PL-009 TENS Unit Handheld Massager

When you're struggling with intense pain, every activity in your life can seem like an enormous challenge. With the truMedic PL-009 TENS handheld electronic pulse massager unit, you can begin to experience relief for pain in any area of your body. TENS units are proven to be safe and highly effective in providing almost immediate pain relief. Even better, this method for controlling pain is non-invasive and does not rely on drugs.
Although the PL-009 TENS massager is often used for medical purposes, it can also be an effective tool for individuals who simply want to relax their muscles after a hard workout or who suffer from stiffness after a long day at the office. With the PL-009 massager, you can effectively reduce and even eliminate almost any kind of pain! The purpose of the PL-009 massager is to alleviate pain so that you can enjoy an improved quality of life.
What does “TENS” mean?
“TENS” stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Transcutaneous means “through the skin,” which refers to the fact that TENS units do not require you to use any needles or ingest any drugs in order to relieve your pain. With the PL-009 TENS unit, you can simply attach the four electrodes to the area where you are experiencing pain, and then adjust the electrical pulses through the small handheld unit.
The Problem of Pain
Even though pain is inconvenient and possibly debilitating, it is actually an important bodily function. When there is a problem within your body, pain alerts the brain to the issue so that you can be made aware of the fact that something is wrong. Without pain, you might never notice certain problems.
However, sometimes your body’s natural warning system causes pain that is so intense that it interferes with your quality of life. Long-term pain serves no particular purpose, especially if it has been diagnosed and you are taking all possible steps to remedy the problem.
How the PL-009 Works
When a part of your body is injured or sick, the injured area sends signals through your nerves up to your brain, where you assess and react to the pain. A TENS unit like the PL-009 is designed to interfere with the signals that are being sent by these nerves in order to stop the pain before it reaches your brain.
By releasing small electrical impulses, the TENS unit is essentially able to trick your brain into believing that there is no pain in that area of your body. As it overrides those nerve signals, the TENS unit is often able to provide immediate pain relief. In essence, a TENS unit modifies your perception of pain so you can be free of unnecessary discomfort that only serves to inhibit your normal routine.
Adjusting the Massager for You
One of the greatest advantages of a PL-009 TENS unit is that it is completely customizable. The TENS unit works in the same way regardless of where you use it on your body, so you can target any area that causes you pain, from your ankles to your neck to your back. Place the four electrodes in a square around the most painful area, and you will ensure that you gain quick relief.
Once the four electrodes are in place, there are three different massage settings you can adjust to initiate a completely tailored experience. By adjusting the duration of each pulse, as well as the rate of the pulses, you can change the intensity of the massage to fit your needs. Most patients should start with a low intensity massage and slowly build up to their ideal level of intensity. If the massage feels painful, reduce the intensity of the PL-009 until it feels comfortable.
The PL-009 is even more versatile as it offers the use of low and high frequencies to create different responses within your body. Most people use the high frequency settings. High frequencies are the electrical pulses that are able to actually block the nerve signals that cause pain, so this type of treatment is usually the most valuable. On the other hand, low frequencies trigger reactions within the body that release natural pain killers known as endorphins; this method of using a TENS unit is unusual, but it can be effective.
Who Should Use the PL-009?
Since the PL-009 can be used to treat almost any acute or chronic pain, as well as ordinary aches and pains, it can be an effective tool for almost anyone. The PL-009 should be used whenever you experience pain. Since it is small and portable, you can take it with you as you go through your normal routine to prevent pain throughout your day. You can even use the TENS massager when you go to bed at night to relieve your pain as you fall asleep.
There are many medical conditions and issues that can be treated with a TENS unit. For instance, TENS units have been used to provide successful pain relief with all of the following conditions:

back pain treatment

  • Back pain
  • Labor pain
  • Migraines
  • Neck injuries
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteo-arthritis
  • Phantom limb pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Post-operative pain
  • Sciatica
  • Cancer pain
  • Shingles


The Advantages of the PL-009
Clearly, the most obvious benefit of using the PL-009 TENS massager unit is the ability to reduce or eliminate pain. However, there are several other advantages to using this technology, such as:
  • It’s cost-effective. Since a TENS unit can help you cut down on medication and visit the doctor less frequently, this one purchase can greatly reduce your medical bills in the long run.
  • It’s portable. You can use the PL-009 to avoid pain as you complete any task. Since it’s impressively small – and lightweight at only 5.3 oz. – it is incredibly convenient!
  • It’s easy to use. All of the parts on the PL-009 are clearly labeled to minimize confusion, and the massager is entirely automatic.
  • It’s versatile. With five auto-simulation programs, you can easily adjust the PL-009 to fit your needs. Try the PL-009 TENS handheld massager unit today to experience effective pain relief!


  • Dual Channel for use with 2 or 4 electrodes
  • Pulse Modes: 3 modes of Massage, Beat, and Knead
  • Timer Range: 15 min
  • Waveform: Monophasic
  • Pulse Duration/Width: 120—680 µs
  • Pulse Rate: 1-100Hz


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TENS Units / EMS Muscle Stimulation machines are used to control chronic and acute pain including Rheumatoid and Osteo-arthritis, Back pain, Menstrual Pain, Labour Pain, Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Shingles, Headache and Migraine, Cancer Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Phantom Limb Pain, Sports Injuries, Sciatica, Aching Joints, Post Operative Pain, Muscular Pain, Whiplash and Neck Injury and many other painful conditions.

satisfaction-is-guaranteed.pngYour Satisfaction is Guaranteed! Quality is very important to us and we want you to be completely satisfied with your product. The unit comes with a full parts and labor warranty for 90 days.


In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the truMedic PL-009 TENS Unit Machine / Muscle Stimulator for any reason, simply return it for a no-hassle, courteous 100% money-back refund. You can't lose with truMedic!

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Product Reviews

  1. Bye Bye Pain 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Oct 2014

    This is a fantastic product! In just minutes, my pain recedes or disappears and I feel like myself again. Thanks for improving my quality of life. It was such a bargain, I must spread the word to anyone in pain.

  2. #1 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Dec 2013

    This was originally purchased as a gift for a family member who has both back and shoulder issues. When he couldn't stop raving about the product and the results, I decided to purchase one for myself. Boy, am I glad I did! From the ease of ordering, to the fast shipping, to the instant relief of pain, to the convenience of being portable, not to mention very affordable... I rate this product as #1. A must buy!

  3. This thing is pretty cool! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Dec 2013

    Several years ago my chiropractor used to hook me up to one of these before adjusting my back and it really helped relax the muscles. I asked about getting one for myself and at that time they were very expensive. Thankfully, technology prices have come down and I can get the same results. This thing feels great!

    I like the fact that it has dual outputs so you can adjust the intensity independently for each set of pads. I have used it almost daily since it came in and am still using the same pads. My wife was skeptical but noticed that I was usually falling asleep while using this one, which is okay since it has a built-in timer that shuts it off after 15 mins. If you want more simply turn it off and back on for another round. Anyway, I came home from a late meeting the other night and she was hooked up using it on her shoulders (where she carries all her stress) and loving it. Now we share it because it gives her great relief where those muscles knot up in her shoulders and back.

    We are still on the first set of batteries that were included with the unit, so battery life is good. We also like the pre programmed settings that give variety so you don't get bored with the massage pattern. The intensity level can be easily adjusted from a relaxing "tingle" up to an intense muscle contraction, so you can get exactly what you need. I usually start with a lower setting and work my way up to intense then finish out somewhere in the middle, ending up feeling very relaxed.

    All things considered, I am very pleased with the unit and feel that it was a good investment. I would purchase again and may get a couple extra. This would make a great gift.

  4. No more chiropractic and physical therapy co-pays!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Dec 2013

    I had a complete slap tear repair (shoulder) in the fall of 2011. I was out of work for 18 months with PT, chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture all at least once a week. They all used stim to help my pain and promote healing. When I had to return to work in March my treatments ended. As expected my shoulder began to ache and stiffen especially when I woke up in the morning. When I found the trumedic pulse massager I was excited because I was contemplating starting a pain medicine regiment and wasn't happy about it. I am thrilled to say that I will not be taking any pain meds anytime soon. I hooked up the machine in about 3 minutes. Placed the pads on my shoulder and upper arm and I couldn't believe how effective the machine was! It worked just as well as the units my practitioners used in their offices. I have been using the machine once or twice a day for 15 minutes and my mobility and range of motion are already improving. I am sleeping better then I have in months. The constant ache is gone! Anyone with chronic pain should have this machine.

  5. Wonderful product for lower back spasm and pain! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2013

    Don't leave home without it! I am a sufferer of lower back spasm, L3, L4 and L5. I bought this 6 months ago and I love it! It's small enough to slip in my pocket to walk around and do things. I feel that with daily use, my pain has decreased. If you suffer from back pain, then you should try it. It's safer then all the Meds.

  6. Definitely powerful! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2013

    After reading LOTS of reviews about portable EMS machines, I just took a chance and bought one of these for myself and one for my daughter. We both have had quite a bit of experience with EMS at PT and chiropractors (unfortunately!), so I was concerned that these would not be all that powerful. So...I turned it up pretty high right out of the box...and, WOW!, almost jumped across the room! It IS indeed powerful and I like my stim pretty high. I actually have to keep this one on the lower end of its range. Easy to use and it's fantastic to just hook up and go about my business.

  7. Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit - small and powerful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2013

    Very easy to use, and very powerful! I was surprised at the power and so far a 3 setting is more than enough. I also purchased
    extra pads and Tensive Conductive Gel. The gel on the original pads did not last very long and since new pads and gel are part of the process, I was glad I did.

  8. This product is really amazing, I will recommend it to my friends. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2013

    My Tens handheld pulse massage unit arrived in a very short time from the time it was ordered. I used it the same day, and did feel a little bit better after the first treatment. Since then, I have been using it for 20 minutes everyday, and definitely have seen an improvement in the back pain I have been experiencing for several weeks. I would recommend this appliance, as I found it to work as efficiently as the one they used on me at Therapy.

  9. FINALLY, I'VE FOUND RELIEF for the neck pain I have suffered with for years!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2013

    Ohhhhhh My Goodness!!! I have wanted one of these for a long time! I suffer with severe neck pain from being rear ended in a car accident years ago. I finally have found relief!! It is the BEST $54 I have ever spent!!! I wish I could wear this all day long. Some reviews give less stars due to the 15 minute limit preset for the built-in auto procedures... even though it is kind of a bummer.... it doesn't take much to just hit a couple buttons to start it again which really isn't a big issue for me as I am WELL PLEASED with the relief I am finally feeling because of this product!!