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Due to the incredible advances in medical technology that have been made over the past few years, TENS models are not only more compact than ever, but more affordable and come in a variety of options. Those who are seeking a personal TENS device to help them manage pain may be overwhelmed with the amount of information necessary to sift through; take a look through our comprehensive comparison write-ups below to help you make the best decision possible for your budget and your health.


We strive to include the most important comparison specs as well as a touch of opinion so that you can have the best information possible. When it comes time to purchase a TENS model to help manage your pain discretely and effectively, we want you to be prepared. Many individuals who try TENS therapy are able to reduce their dependence on medications and expensive doctor's visits - you may find that the purchase of a TENS machine allows you to live the life you've always dreamed!


healthmateforever-2013.jpgHealthmateForever 2013. This incredibly thin device has seen increased popularity among many users of TENS units. Not only is the HealthmateForever 2013 a TENS unit, but it also offers an EMS mode as well, so the user can focus on both the nerve endings and the muscles when attempting to curb chronic pain.


For individuals who find that a combination of TENS and EMS offers the best in pain relief, the HealthmateForever 2013 makes a compact and capable device. In addition, the HealthmateForever 2013 offers four pads, allowing for a larger area of the body to be exposed to the therapy, or two different targeted areas to be treated at the same time; there are also 8 different "modes," or programs that the HealthmateForever 2013 offers, making this a very versatile device which can work for a variety of individuals who may need different therapies to best manage chronic pain.


With a whopping 20 intensity settings and the convenient option to charge the HealthmateForever 2013 via USB charger or use a battery, it's no surprise that this portable, versatile, and convenient device is one of the most highly-ranked that we've come across. Those who are looking to "have it all" might find the HealthmateForever 2013 superior to other devices on this list, simply because it ranks so highly in a variety of categories. Some might find the price point a little steep (there are several less-expensive options on this list that may fit the needs of the budget-minded a little better); however, few other models have the superior satisfaction level that the HealthmateForever 2013 has garnered.


hands-to-go-electric-massager.jpgHands-To-Go Electric Massager. Unlike other units reviewed here, the Hands-To-Go Electric Massager is not a TENS unit – it is an EMS unit. EMS stands for "electro muscle stimulation" and basically translates to an electric massager. For those who do not want their nerve endings stimulated or simply find that TENS therapy isn't as effective as EMS therapy, this is a great choice. It is also an extremely cost-effective choice as compared to other options on this list for those who only need EMS therapy – why pay for what isn’t needed?


The Hands-To-Go massager is battery-operated for convenience and offers six modes of operation so the user can customize his/her therapy session. The intensity levels are easily adjustable and can be changed minutely to ensure that the affected muscles are getting the right amount of massage. There are also four pads that allow different areas of the body to be targeted at once. With its affordable price point and portable case, the Hands-To-Go Electric Massager is an incredibly popular option among those who are looking for an EMS machine.


omron-electrotherapy-pain-relief-device-pm3030.jpgOmron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030. One of the most affordable TENS/EMS machines on the market, the Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030 costs less than a single visit to a masseuse and allows you to enjoy pain relief from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be.


One of the greatest advantages to the Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030 is how portable the device is – it can be carried in a pocket and only needs two AAA batteries to function. Some might find the fact that it only has 5 different intensity levels and three modes of operation a bit limiting, but considering how affordable and portable this device is, the Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030 constantly receives extremely high marks from consumers.


For those who are looking for a portable device that offers great power for the price, the Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030 comes highly recommended.


biomedical-rebound-tens-unit.pngBiomedical Rebound TENS Unit. This ultra-portable and ultra-affordable TENS-only machine is popular with individuals who would like to enjoy their TENS therapies on the go. With a small size (the Biomedical Rebound TENS Unit easily fits into a pocket) and convenient battery power source, the Biomedical Rebound TENS Unit has become quite popular with customers who wish to use the device while driving or doing other activities where a large TENS machine would encumber movement.


The Biomedical Rebound TENS Unit offers two pads that can be attached to the area of therapy. It is not a dual-channel device and only offers one mode of operation, which may seem a little spartan to those who require different sorts of modes to help best manage their pain. On the other hand, the Biomedical Rebound TENS Unit offers an impressive 14 intensity levels and comes at a very affordable price point. For those who hold portability and effectiveness at a high premium, the Biomedical Rebound TENS Unit is a fantastic choice.


healthmateforever-pro-8ab-2013.jpgHealthmateForever Pro-8ab 2013. This machine is the most expensive on the list, but gets rave reviews from all that give it a go. The HealthmateForever Pro-8ab 2013 offers both TENS and EMS therapy and has four different pads so you can treat a large area of the body or even two separate areas at once; it also offers dual channel functionality so that independent control can be exerted over both sets of pads. This gives users an unparalleled amount of flexibility where pinpointing pain and targeting it with appropriate therapy is concerned; individuals who experience extreme amounts of chronic pain in different areas of the body are recommended to go with dual-channel functionality for TENS devices. This will give you more control over your pain and how best to manage different areas of your body. What might work well for your back may not be as effective on your legs, for instance. However, those who only experience pain in a specific part of the body may find it unnecessary to pay extra for dual-channel technology.


Similar to other HealthmateForever products, the HealthmateForever Pro-8ab 2013 offers 8 different modes of operation and 20 intensity levels. It also has a battery and a USB charger option for those who would like to be able to use multiple sources of power for their devices. The one major drawback to the HealthmateForever Pro-8ab 2013 is the high price tag, which may scare off the budget-minded. However, for those who are ready to commit to TENS/EMS therapy as a way of life and want the best in the business, the HealthmateForever Pro-8ab 2013 constantly gets top reviews.


endurance-therapeutics-aurawave.jpgEndurance Therapeutics Aurawave. This small device comes highly recommended by a number of satisfied customers. The Endurance Therapeutics Aurawave is a combination TENS/EMS unit for those who would like the benefit of both nerve ending and muscle stimulation. The device comes with two pads and a 'belt' that can be used to help the pads stick to the lower back; however, the 'belt' has gotten less than rave reviews, and may not be useful if your waist is above a certain circumference. Fortunately, the stickiness of the pads is strong enough to make the 'belt' unnecessary for most reviewers. In fact, probably the most negatively commented-upon aspect of the Endurance Theraputics Aurawave is the belt, so it's fortunate that it is such a nonessential part of the kit.


While the Endurance Therapeutics Aurawave is not a dual channel device, it does offer an impressive 10 modes along with 10 levels of intensity. This is also a great device for those who are more budget-minded, as it comes at a lower price point than many other TENS/EMS devices. Overall, the Endurance Therapeutics Aurawave ranks well compared to the other devices on this list, and it can offer a portable and affordable solution for those looking to manage their pain with TENS/EMS devices.


healthmateforever-impulse-massager-pro-2012.jpgHealthmateForever 2012. HealthmateForever is one of the most popular names in the TENS/EMS industry, and for good reason. This company consistently produces excellent products that leave customers with less pain and great satisfaction. As with the other HealthmateForever products, this device can take batteries or use a USB charger for power. It also offers 4 different pads so that different areas of the body can be targeted; however, it is not a dual-channel device, so the pads cannot be independently controlled.


For individuals who only experience pain in a certain targeted point of the body, however, dual-channel functionality is entirely unnecessary. Generally speaking, dual-channel technology makes devices more expensive, so this could be a point in favor for individuals who experience acute pain in a single area of the body and wish to have the HealthmateForever name, but would appreciate a lower price point.


The HealthmateForever 2012 can be a great option for those who want to purchase from the HealthmateForever name but are not necessarily attached to the idea of buying the newest off the shelf – purchasing older models can give you the quality and comfort that you deserve while not breaking the bank. The HealthmateForever 2012 offers fewer modes than the latest models, offering 6 as compared to the newer models' 8 modes; however, the HealthmateForever 2012 offers the same 20 intensity levels as compared to the company's newer models.


Overall, the HealthmateForever 2012 has gotten fantastic reviews from those who have used it. The 2012 model performs well and can offer much of what the newer models can at an affordable price.


pain-less-otc-tens-unit.jpgPain-Less OTC TENS Unit. One of the more expensive options on the list, the Pain-Less OTC TENS Unit nevertheless offers some of the most cutting-edge technology when it comes to using TENS/EMS to help manage and control chronic pain. Like many other devices on this list, the Pain-Less OTC TENS Unit offers both TENS and EMS technology so that the user can enjoy electric impulses to help stimulate nerve endings as well as a more traditional massage experience. Again, like many other models on this list, the Pain-Less OTC TENS Unit allows the user to experience this wonderful therapy at home, and many report having almost instantaneous relief of pain upon using this device. The device may be operated with batteries or with a USB charger.


The Pain-Less OTC TENS Unit offers 4 gel pads to be used on targeted areas of the body, as well as 6 modes of operation and 8 intensity settings. This makes the Pain-Less OTC TENS Unit somewhat less versatile than other units on this list in terms of intensity/mode options, but users have experienced great satisfaction with this device.


If there were one major drawback to the Pain-Less OTC TENS Unit, it would be the price. This is one of the more expensive options on the list, and that fact alone might be enough to scare some consumers off. However, for individuals who are prepared to commit money and invest in their TENS/EMS experience for chronic pain relief, the Pain-Less OTC TENS Unit is a good option for those who also wish to branch outside of the HealthmateForever brand.


There are a myriad of choices out there for discerning TENS customers. Make sure to do plenty of research on two or three models that fit your price point and needs before committing to a decision. Purchasing a TENS machine may help you unlock a life with lessened chronic pain (or even removed chronic pain!) with the touch of a button.